Notre Société

Smart eTech IoT (Internet of Things) integrator, IoT solutions for the industrial sector reinforced on Industry 4.0 standards.

Smart eTech, a Tunisian IoT integrator, our main core business focuses on the integration of IoT solutions, especially in the industrial sector. Our IoT solutions are designed according to the Industry 4.0 model. We provide our customers with fully integrated IoT solutions from the hardware kit (getaways, data source, sensors …), including the software layer to connect the IoT devices to the customer’s current systems, and covering the analysis and the security of data collected on the cloud platform.
Smart eTech has a multidisciplinary team with solid experience in IoT projects and solutions, in particular those related to the industrial market.


IoT Platform

Is a cloud platform that could be connected to any IoT device or external database. The Platform allows displaying and analyze IoT data and helps users to make the right decision at the right moment. In addition to analytic and statistic advanced features, our system includes some machine learning features that aim to help the end-user to learn from their operational and production experiences and enhance/Automate their process.

Modern e-commerce platform powered by PrestaShop

Allows consumers or suppliers to buy and sell goods and services over the Internet. Easy Management of your store and complete customization of your store

Cloud Solution’s & DevOps

Le modèle DevOps est une approche de la culture informatique, de l’automatisation et de la conception de plateformes conçue pour accroître la valeur ajoutée et optimiser la réactivité des entreprises grâce à une distribution plus rapide et efficace des services. Tout cela est rendu possible grâce à une distribution de services informatiques itérative et accélérée. Le DevOps fait le lien entre les applications existantes et les nouvelles applications et infrastructures cloud-native.