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Cloud solution’s & DevOps

Improve agility and time to market, drive efficiency with Cloud & DevOps solutions for your business.

Cloud Solution’s & DevOps


The DevOps model is an approach to IT culture, automation and platform design developed to increase added value and optimize business responsiveness through faster and more efficient service delivery. All of this is made possible through iterative and accelerated IT service delivery. DevOps is the link between the described applications and new cloud native applications and infrastructures.

DevOps Tools

To carry out its missions, DevOps must have several tools. Among the most common (and unavoidable), we can mention :

To carry out its missions, DevOps must have several tools at its disposal. Among the most common (and essential), we can mention:

Source code management tools (such as GitHub),
CI / CD type continuous integration and deployment tools (such as GitLab, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Ansible, etc.),
Configuration management tools (for example Ansible),
Infrastructure tools (like OpenStack,Terraform)
Software container orchestrators (Kubernetes and Docker), etc.
Monitoring and alert tools (Grafana, Kibana and Prometheus).


Cloud DevOps Solutions

Slide Powerful DevOps tools Crafted to be compatible with various plugins

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