Advertising for Industry 4.0 and Technologies

Advertising for Industry 4.0 and Technologies

Smart solutions for greater success

Industry 4.0 as it is the last industrial revolution aims to help industrial enterprises to succeed in their digital transformation using new smart technologies such as sensors and smart devices. Its main target is to help the industrial to be connected. Connectivity is one of the most important goals for Industry 4.0 in order to create a digital shadow for real systems and helps industrial to manage their productions and related systems with more efficiency and security. Smart eTech offers its customers a package of services to help them in their transformation to the Industry 4.0 model.


We help our customers by using a maturity measurement approach to know their transformation level at the beginning of their Industry 4.0 transformation project and throughout this project. As output of our maturity measurement model, we provide our customers with a digital transformation roadmap. Based on that roadmap, our customers could start their Industry 4.0 projects. Smart eTech also provides its customers with the development and the integration of IoT solutions following their roadmap and strategy targets.



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