IoT Platform

Slide New smart connected dashboards that combine IoT and Business Intelligence platform.
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IoT Platform

It’s a cloud platform that could be connected to any IoT device or external database. The Platform allows displaying and analyze IoT data and helps users to make the right decision at the right moment. In addition to analytic and statistic advanced features, our system includes some machine learning features that aim to help the end-user to learn from their operational and production experiences and enhance/Automate their process.


Smart IoT sensors can be connected to various industrial systems

  • ERP
  • Robots
  • MES
  • QMS
  • Sensors

General architecture of the solution

The IoT gateway allows smart devices which work with 3G,4G, LoRa-ONE, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth interfaces (sensors, phones, tablets, hands-free, and wearables) to save data locally or externally on the Could.



Component architecture of the solution

Our IoT solutions have a software standard layer that links the IoT devices with customer current systems in an easy and secure way. This software gathers sensors’ data and saves it in a local database. This database is synchronized with a Cloud data warehouse belt with a smart BI dashboard that helps users to better understand and analyze gathered data.

IoT Solutions

Smart farming allows internal process control and forecast production yield to reduce risk. Thus cost management and improves product quality.

IoT applications in the city optimize the performance of buildings, energy consumption, management of street furniture and waste disposal.

Water supervising is always easy

IoT based station for air quality monitoring

The smart tracking solution enables businesses to track and manage the assets that power any business.

Make your warehouse inventory and management easy with RIFD Technologies.


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