Smart Farm

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Smart Agriculture

The smart farm uses IoT, machine learning, and cloud technologies, it brings smartly added values to agriculture with an excellent margin of decision-making, operations, production process enhancement, and better management.

The solution includes many features depending on the selected sensors :

  • Soil moisture sensors – humidity,
  • Soil temperature,
  • Electrical conductivity measurements,
  • Weather stations ( Air Temperature and Humidity, Wind Intensity and direction, Rain Collector, UV, and Solar radiation)
  • Water irrigation control.


IoT for Smart Agriculture

Increases ⬆️

  • Solution IoT making agriculture more connected and smarter.
  • Improve product quality and quantity
  • the resilience of agriculture and the consumer experience.
  • Increased production control leads to better cost management and reduced waste.
  • The ability to detect abnormalities in crop growth or livestock health, for example, eliminates the risk of yield loss.
  • Automation increases efficiency. Thanks to smart devices, multiple processes can be activated at the same time, and automated services improve product quality and volume by better controlling production processes.

Reduces   ⬇️

  • Precision farming helps reduce overall costs
  • Less time spent
  • Reduce crop losses due to disease or bad weather




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