Smart Water

Smart Water With IoT Technology

Save water and save the life

Our smart water solution helps fine-tune water quality and monitor water pressure variations in facilities such as fish farms or swimming in swimming pools, reducing costs and providing better water quality and more control.
The water sensor kit is connected in real-time to the cloud, so that end users can see and control station settings and take action in the event of a problem from any connected device.

Where to monitor water quality?

  • Surface water: river, lakes, transitional waters and coastal waters
  • Subterranean water

Need for ecological control:

  • Biological indicators
  • Hydro-morphological indicators
  • Physio-chemical indicators

Parameters to monitor according to the laws:

  • Suspended solids
  • BOD and COD
  • Ammonium, nitrates, and phosphorus
  • Conductivity
  • pH level

About Smart Station solution

Smart Water solution adds an IoT layer and connectivity to the water stations to help industrial and particular end users to have a real-time state of the station parameters: Ph, conductivity, pressure, filter state…

This solution helps to refine the output water quality and enhance the maintainability of the station, which reduces the costs and gives better quality and more control to the water station. The smart water solution is real-time connected to the cloud, so that, end users can see and control the station parameters from any connected device.

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