Warehouse Managment

Make your warehouse inventory and management easy with RIFD Technologies.

Our platform improves inventory and warehouse accuracy and productivity by leveraging both warehouse management software and integrated automation solutions to give managers visibility into their operations, from manufacturing lines to manufacturing. From manufacturing to warehousing and distribution throughout the supply chain, warehouse managers can automate their inventory and warehouse operations to improve work flexibility, agility and efficiency while optimizing people, space and technology.

Smart eTech takes a holistic approach to implement inventory and warehouse management solutions by responding to the specific challenges of your environment. Whether you are tracking assets, managing pick inventory, handling product for storage, or packaging / shipping finished products, our modular warehouse management software can integrate with most existing infrastructure. And improve operational productivity, with significant return on investment.

Our solution

Inventory Management

Eliminate data entry errors by scanning barcodes to reorder and cycle count inventory

Track inventory across every step of your operations from ordering to delivery

Increase efficiency in picking, put-away and replenishment

Get real-time inventory updates to know precisely how much inventory you have

Set up automatic reorder points on all of your products to avoid stock-outs

Asset Tracking

Reduce the number of overstocks and shortages to have a healthy balance of assets on hand

Track items by lot number, serial numbers, expiration dates and other methods

Monitor asset levels in multiple locations and transfer them from one to another when necessary

Pick, pack and ship items with greater accuracy and efficiency with the right tools

Delivery Tracking

The bottom line of your business, your customers, your fleet employees, and your vehicles can all benefit from GPS tracking software;

Reduced costs

Improved delivery times

Driver responsibility and maintenance alerts are just a few benefits of GPS tracking.

Palette Tracking

We use RFID technologies to tack palettes indoor and outdoor in the warehouse. It helps to :

Inventory real-time of palettes in the warehouse

Secure Palettes transport

Reduce cost and time of inventory

Get traceability and history of all transit in the warehouse

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